Artificial vs. Real Christmas Wreaths

Artificial vs. Real Christmas Wreaths. There are upsides and downsides to everything.  That even includes Christmas wreaths.  If you are in a quandary about whether to go artificial or fresh, here are some things to consider.

Where Will It Hang?

This is a basic question.  If it will be displayed on an exterior door in a climate that is cool and damp, a fresh wreath will thrive.  For indoors, a toasty temperature will mean the fresh wreath won’t stay fresh too long.  The needles will fall and the branches become dry and crack.  Also if it is hung in a spot that is likely to be jostled, the more delicate the arrangement, the more likely it will suffer from breakage.

Artificial Wreaths

The good sides of artificial wreaths are:

  • Less fuss and muss – It can take the occasional tumble and come back just fine.  However, if it is decorated with glass or fragile ornaments or doodads, it may still be a bit dicey.
  • Longevity – It will last for years, maybe decades.  
  • Placement – You can pretty much hang it anywhere you like.


  • Scent – No matter what you do, it will not carry the wonderful aroma of fresh pine.
  • Recycle – Depending on the area in which you live, recycling can be a problem.
  • Expense – They are more expensive than a fresh bough.  In fact, they can really run up some bucks depending on the style and adornments.  Usually this is recouped over time because it can be reused year after year.  If you like to change things frequently, it won’t have that added value.

Fresh Wreaths

Advantages include:

  • Aroma – The fragrance can’t be beat.  Stepping up to a door and greeted with a whiff of evergreen is a welcome sign.
  • Tradition – For an old-fashioned celebration, they are a mainstay.
  • Recycling – After removing any ribbons or inorganic decorations, add it to your compost pile, or find a recycling center.
  • Price – There are a wide array of choices in affordable prices.  In fact at some Christmas tree lots, you can have the leftover boughs for free and make your own for next to nothing.

Then the disadvantages:

  • Care – Daily misting can keep it fresher, but it will still probably lose needles on a regular basis.
  • One Time Use – After the season is done, so is the wreath.
  • Drying Out – As it starts to fade, its looks go too.  If you buy it too early, by Christmas it could turn into a brown mess. 

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