Choosing a Christmas Wreath

Choosing a Christmas Wreath. Approaching a home at Christmastime and seeing a glorious wreath hung on the door is a wonderful greeting.  It sets the tone for the season and the visit.  

When you are deciding exactly which wreath to select, there are a few things you need to consider:

Size of Christmas Wreath

Artificial Christmas wreaths generally range in size from 19 inches or less to over 72 inches.  Start by measuring the area where you want to hang your wreath.  Leave some clearance area and let the door or wall become a frame for your purchase.  You might want to cut out a circle the size you imagine and gently tape it to the area.  Then you can see the perspective and make a decision about the size you want.

Pre-Lit Christmas Wreaths

If you want your indoor wreath to glow with lights, a pre-lit wreath is definitely the easiest.  Be sure to select one that stays lit even if one bulb burns out.  

  • LED – These are the most energy-efficient bulbs on the market today.  They are also more expensive.  If you plan to use it for a number of years, you will see the savings over time.
  • Incandescent – These are the original type of electric bulbs.  They have a wire filament that heats up in order to produce light.  They will get hot.  This creates a potential fire hazard as well as a danger to children and pets.

Battery-Operated Christmas Wreaths

These will be higher on the price scale, but you won’t need to deal with a cord or placing it near an outlet.

Styles of Christmas Wreaths

Check out the variety of materials and styles of Christmas wreaths available.  They come in a number of different needle types or other types of foliage.  They come plain or pre-decorated; and of course, lit and unlit.  For a more whimsical or contemporary look, there are wreaths made out of metallic needles or other materials.

The higher the tip count, the fuller the wreath will look.  If it is made with a higher, heavyweight gauge wiring will allow you to rearrange the branches.

  • Flocking – This is an addition that makes the wreath look frosty or snow-covered.
  • Pine Cones – Imitation pine cones can be included with the greenery, or it can stand on its own as just the cones.  This will give you the chance to display the wreath throughout the winter, rather than just a few weeks of Christmas.
  • Ornaments – This is an easy do-it-yourself with a wire coat hanger and an assortment of ball ornaments.  They are also available for sale everywhere.  You can mix and match colors or do a monochromatic theme.

As you can see, there are lots of choices make for more fun during the season. If you would like to learn more or browse our Christmas products, visit our site today. 

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