Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips. Television shows, movies, and displays all entice us with the professionally decorated trees.  In reality, most homes fall somewhere between perfection and a Griswold Christmas.  Here are some ideas that can bring you closer to what you imagine.

Christmas Tree Decorating Theme

In the past few years, the general theme has been to coordinate the Christmas tree with the room décor.  Look at the old color wheel to decide about primary colors (traditional red and green), secondary shades and tertiary hues to match your home décor or to complement (offset) the scheme.  Don’t forget neutrals.  For Christmas, this can include silvers, whites, and golds.  Look at exactly where you will place the tree to see the background of the wall or sofa.


Add a little pizzazz with flocking, dusted glitter, and tinsel.  Just remember that this is an accent, so don’t go overboard.

Less is More

Especially if you are on a tight budget, or just starting out, think about a brightly lit tree but with only a few choice crystal ornaments.  In a family with small children, they love seeing their handicrafts (no matter how awful) displayed for all to see.  When taking everything down, designate a box for each child and store it away.  When that child is grown and setting up a household of their own, it makes a wonderful and surprising housewarming gift.

When to Buy Your Christmas Tree Decorations

This is a tricky issue.  If you see something you really want and it is within your budget and what you consider a reasonable price, buy it.  The next option would be to check periodically to see if the price has dropped.  Some brick-and-mortar stores will reduce prices well in advance in order to stimulate sales.  

Don’t fret; they will still make a profit at this point but they are banking on additional and impulse purchases to fill out the yield.  Also, watch for coupons and online codes and free shipping.  The last option is to wait until the end of the season.  Then you risk the chance it will be completely sold out, or a manager who is desperate for floor space and has the option to return merchandise.  I told you it would be tricky.

When compliments are offered, accept them graciously.  You might want to share an anecdote or two about how you made the best find of the season or plans for next year. If you would like to learn more about Christmas products and specials, check out our site today.

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