Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Decorating Your Christmas Tree. All the movies show the fun of the family gathering to trim the Christmas tree.  In real life it is not always so.  For a few tips about how to make it as easy as possible, read on.

Artificial Trees

Many people are opting for artificial Christmas trees.  Because they can be used year after year, they are economical and practical.  They won’t shed or need to be watered.  Most artificial Christmas trees today are a far cry from the mid-20th Century monsters.  They are lifelike and durable.

Make sure the base of the tree is securely fastened into its holder with all the clasps tightened evenly.  Next fan out the branches.  If they are a little bedraggled, carefully use a clothes steamer to rejuvenate matted or squashed needles. Just use extreme caution not to overheat the plastic or to burn yourself in the process.  If you are working with a flocked artificial Christmas tree, be sure the steam does not melt the flocking.


Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are definitely the easiest when it comes to lighting.  There are those who prefer to change the lighting effects from year to year, or who have opted for a non-artificial, or “real,” tree.  Then the task becomes a little more laborious.

Most of these trees are shaped like an umbrella with the broadest part of the tree at the bottom.  Start placing the lights at the bottom starting at the center pole.  As you do this fan out any branches that have smashed upward.  Work from the center and out toward the edges.  Be sure the lights point upward for the best lighting effect.  As you work, secure the plugs and extra wire to the pole using twist ties or other appropriate material.


First, turn off the tree lights so you won’t be distracted and can better see the distribution of the ornaments.  They should be arranged to avoid two of the same style, and possibly color, are not next to each other.  When storing the ornaments at the end of the season, it might be helpful to sort them by style and color to make next year easier.  Larger balls should be placed on the lower branches and smaller toward the top to avoid a lopsided appearance.

Using berry sprigs or florals to supplement the bare spots, especially near the bottom where the branches are longer, will help fill in the look.

It may be more time consuming but hanging a single ornament at a time will give you better distribution and ability to manage your inventory.  Periodically step away to get an idea of the overall appearance.  Over the first few days, you will probably tweak here and there, and that is perfectly fine. 

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