DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments. If you are hot for DIY and want to enhance your annual Christmas tree with some handcrafted ornaments, here are some thoughts.

Wood Beads

Inspired by a Scandinavian influence, start with wooden beads and wire.  Thread the wire through the predrilled holes in the beads and form a ring (or wreath).  Tie off the wire and finish with a satin or yarn loop to hang on the tree.  If you want to color, paint the beads before stringing.


Buy or make wooden shapes and then spray with chalkboard paint.  Using a chalk pen, write appropriate greetings, names, Christmas carol lyrics, etc.  Finish it off with a colorful loop through the pre-drilled hole and even a jingle bell or two.  


Using a heavy grade of cardstock, cut out the shape(s) you want.  It is best to use a craft knife designed for this purpose.  Obviously, this is an adult-only portion of the project.  Transfer designs or free-hand draw with markers.  Punch a hole at the top and display.  These could also be used as gift tags.

Cardboard Star

Cut the cardboard into the shape of a star.  There are a lot of programs or stencils available to get you started.  Fold the paper over the foam and cut it to fit each point of the star.  Rough up the cardboard with a little sandpaper.  Be sure all the grit is gone before proceeding.  Then use a glue stick and adhere the paper to the cardboard.  A great way to use leftover wrapping paper.  Finish it off with some chenille pipe cleaners glued around the edges.

Brown Bags

Brown bags aren’t just for toting your peanut butter sandwich to lunch.  Take a clean brown paper sack and cut two identical shapes…stars, Christmas trees, reindeer…whatever.  Machine sew a ¼ inch seam around the perimeter, leaving about a 1-inch gap.  Stuff it with fiberfill through the gap and then close the gap.  Glue buttons, or googly eyes, or other appropriate enhancements.  Using a darning needle, run some yarn through a hole for a hanger.

Cookie Cutters

Wrap ribbon around the outside of a cookie-cutter and glue down the final edge.  Using plaid, gingham or another fabric ribbon, you have a quick and easy ornament or last-minute stocking stuffer.

For even more ideas, patronize your local library.  A helpful librarian will be happy to help you find a stack of books that you can take home.  If you feel as though you need more hands-on help, local community centers and craft stores offer workshops and classes.

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