Storing Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Properly storing your artificial Christmas tree can be as important as resurrecting it at the end of the year.  Hopefully, you saved the instructions that came with it.  If not, check with the manufacturer about their recommendations.  Sometimes it is best to disassemble it and other times not.


It has been said that the most prevalent reason ornaments are broken are because of children, pets and inebriated relatives.  The second is failing to remove them before storing an artificial tree.  There are a number of ways to put them away safely including boxes and cases designed for the purpose.  Packing peanuts are also a good, though messy, way to keep them safe.


For Pre-Lit trees, check for any burned out bulbs and replace them now.  It will save frustration when it goes up again and everyone is anxious to see it glowing.  For Unlit trees, remove all the strings of lights.  Again, check for burned-out bulbs and replace them.  Store strands of lights on a reel.  There are some specially designed for the purpose and they are not very expensive at all.

Most artificial Christmas trees come apart in sections.  For an unlit tree, just take them apart.  For a pre-lit tree, mark both ends of the plug as you disconnect it.  It should be pretty obvious which ones to disconnect and which ones to leave alone.

If your tree requires you to remove the branches, mark them by row, like color-coding on the base of the stem to avoid confusion when reassembling it.  Otherwise, carefully fold the branches toward the tree stem.  Consider using plastic wrap to keep everything in place as you box or bag it.


A cardboard box may seem like the best way to store your tree, but it may not be.  Cardboard will absorb moisture and is easy for critters to gnaw through.  Plastic or canvas is better.  There are many choices for commercial bins and bags specially designed for artificial Christmas trees.

Where to Put It

Choose a place out of the common traffic area where it will not be bumped, tipped over, or stepped on.  A cool, dry area is best if it is available.  Attics tend to overheat and garages have a lot of temperature fluctuation.

With careful handling, your artificial Christmas tree will last for many years and bring you, your family and friends much enjoyment. If you would like to learn more about Christmas products and specials, check out our site today.

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