The Do’s and Dont’s of Christmas Decorating

Christmas Decorating. To make this year’s holiday decorating a little easier, you might want to consider some guidelines to help alleviate the stress.  Following are some pretty basic suggestions about what to do and what to avoid in order for a less stressful season and have more fun.

Indoor Do’s

  • Use your imagination and be original.  Let your tree show your guests your avocations or what fascinates you.  If it is family, try to incorporate as many photos as possible into your ornaments.  If you love the color blue, go with it.  
  • Let the kids help.  Make sure it is age-appropriate and they are supervised.  Christmas is a time to make memories.
  • Be safe.  Use ladders and have someone hold them while you climb.  Don’t try to stretch beyond necessary.  Always keep two feet and one hand on the ladder.  Be sure the ladder has slip-resistant feet.  Wear appropriate shoes when climbing; slippers can cause just that.  Accidents are no fun during the holidays.
  • Include those family treasures, even though they may not be as classy as you like.  Try combining them with a display of snow globes or holiday greeting cards.

Outdoor Do’s

  • Be safe.  Read all instructions before you start, even if you think you know them by heart.  
  • Keep electrical connections clean and dry. 
  • Wear slip-resistant shoes if you are climbing or if the outdoors is damp.
  • Use plastic clips to hold your exterior lights in place.  Staples will only leave holes for tiny critters to infiltrate and are dangerous to use around wires.

Indoor and Outdoor Don’ts

  • Don’t overdo it.  Maintain respect and decorum.  Not everything is funny.
  • Don’t forget yourself.  Get jaunty with an elf hat or find a lovely new outfit for the season.
  • Don’t forget to take a break.  
  • Don’t forget about where you will serve and eat for the duration of the season.  Having glitter in your milk is not very appetizing and it will become frustrating if you need to move something every time you set the table.
  • Don’t use indoor extension cords outdoors.
  • Don’t overload outlets.

The bottom line is that everyone should stay safe and yet be joyous.  If you use a little common sense and consideration for others, and yourself, things will go relatively smoothly.  Well, there will be a few glitches, but isn’t that part of next year’s storytelling?

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