Six Facts About Santa Claus

There are a lot of things most people get curious about, especially during the Christmas season. This is why, even though we’ve all gotten accustomed to the tradition of having a Santa Claus around during Christmas, we can’t help but try to find out more about this magical personality. And that’s why today, we’ll be looking at six curious facts about Santa Claus.


A lot of people actually don’t know that Saint Nicholas is from Greece, rather than the North Pole which we were often made to believe. As a matter of fact, St. Nicholas was actually a Greek bishop who lived in the third and fourth centuries AD.

He Kept Preaching the Gospel

St. Nicholas, despite the fact that Christians where being persecuted in the Roman empire during his time, still continued to preach the gospel regardless of the death penalties that awaited him. Consequently, he was imprisoned and later brought out into infamy when Emperor Constantine, who advocated for Christianity came into power.

December 6th

Each year, the death of St. Nicholas is being celebrated on the 6th of December, the day he died. However, what most people don’t know is that St. Nicholas was more than just a gift giver. He had the spirit of discernment and compassion. In one of the famous stories recorded about him, he once stopped two sisters who went into prostitution to earn a living by giving their father who was heavily indebted, three bags of gold. It is noted that the gold given by St. Nicholas to the father of the two sisters, were meant to be used for dowry. 

Inn Visitation

Remember when I talked about the gift of discernment St. Nicholas had? Well, an account actually states that one day, St. Nicholas visited the inn, and the owner of the place at that time had killed and buried three boys, placing their body parts in Barrels.

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