9 Foot Artificial Christmas Trees

For larger homes that have high ceilings that are 12 feet or more, a 9 foot artificial Christmas tree is not out of the question. Many businesses that have an entryway into their business often decorate with larger trees, like a 9-foot artificial tree. This large height of a tree is going to make a statement and you will find that it will be something that will make a statement year after year since it is artificial and is meant to last. 

When it comes to choosing a 9 foot artificial Christmas tree, you have about the same options as you would if you were to choose a tree that was smaller in size. In most cases, you have options like if you want full width or a slim fitting tree. If you have the room, either will work. However, slim trees are often designed to sit in a corner and take up less floor space. You will also have the option of choosing a flocked tree. 

These flocked Christmas trees are wonderful way to bring the outdoors in as the trees appear to be covered in snow. If you love winter, then chances are you would love this tree! In addition, you can choose between trees that are pre-lit or those that come plain and you add the lights to. Combine these in any way that you want to find the tree that best fits the decor that you have in mind. 

For those who will be decorating a 9 foot artificial Christmas tree, you will want to keep a few things in mind. These include:

  • Be careful! This is a super tall tree so be sure that you are using a sturdy ladder for reaching the top and consider having someone below to hold it for extra safety.
  • When placing lights on an unlit tree be sure that you have enough. Since this is such a large tree, you will need more than average. 
  • You can opt for larger ornaments since your tree is so big. 
  • Pay attention to where ornaments are being hung as heavier ornaments always need to go towards the bottom to avoid dropping and breaking.

Remember, not everyone can pull off a 9 foot artificial Christmas tree in their home. However, for those who are ready to take the plunge for such a majestic tree, King of Christmas has you covered with tons of options for these 9 foot trees. 

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