Cleaning a Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree

For those who have opted for a flocked Christmas tree, congratulations as these are beautiful trees that you will get to enjoy for years and years. However, what happens when after a few years, the flocked artificial Christmas tree starts to look a little dingy? This is not something that you can throw into the dishwasher or even use a water hose on. So, what do you do? Here are a few ideas for cleaning a flocked artificial Christmas tree. 

The good news is that if you store this properly, chances are you will never have to clean up the tree. The storage bags that can be purchased for artificial Christmas trees are going to block out the debris and dust in the area, which is often what type of dirt you are dealing with on an artificial tree. However, for those who may opt to keep the tree in the original box, or for those who simply sit this in their basement and throw a sheet over it, they are going to be dealing with dust and dirt on their flocked tree. 

The problem with a dirty flocked artificial Christmas tree is that this is going to show the dust and debris more than a traditional artificial Christmas tree. Why is this? Because the flocking is a substance that is meant to look like snow, which is white. So, what can you do?

While there are several ways that many people clean their artificial tree, those who are dealing with a flocked tree are going to want to use nothing more than a wipe for the dust. You do not want to use any product that is meant to attract the dust, as this can cause the flocking to yellow over time. You do not want to try to vacuum this as it could pull the flocking right off. The best idea is to use a Swiffer dust wipe and lightly grab the dust off of the branches. There are those people who state that they use air to blow on this to get the dust off which is an option, but it cannot be high powered or it will tear up the flocking on the tree. 

The best idea is to store this tree each year so that it is not getting dusty and dirty. While it may take a little bit of time to store this tree properly, it will save you tons of time later when it comes to cleaning.

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