A flocked Christmas tree could well replace snow during Christmas, and so it might be needed in some areas while it might only be wanted in some. Though the word flocked Christmas tree may sound complicated, it is merely the art and act of decorating your Christmas tree with little touches of fake snow specks of dust to make it look very Christmas-like.

In the olden days, Christmas trees were flocked with things like flour and corn starch. However, in modern times, they can be improvised or even bought to conserve energy and time. Nevertheless, let’s not evade the main topic on how to flock a Christmas tree. How then do we flock our Christmas tree? Follow these straightforward steps:

  • To begin with, prepare a space with a cloth and make sure there’s space for some messy things, as most times the process isn’t tidy.
  • It is also advisable that you take some safety precautions like wearing a nose cover to avoid inhaling the solution used for flocking. You might also want to make use of gloves. 
  • And make sure to read the instructions on every material, solution, and solvent you are using.
  • When you want to start the flocking, fill a spray bottle with water and begin with a section of the tree, wetting the needles.
  • Once the needles are mist, sprinkle the flocking on the tree. You can even shake the flocking over the tree branches to get more coverage.
  • After flocking a section of the tree, wet the section over again to activate the flocking and to seal it to the branches.
  • Then leave it to dry for about three hours or more before adding your Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Some people ask if making flocked Christmas trees are messy, of course, they are. They are certainly not the tidiest process.

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