Santa Claus

June 4, 2015 4:10 pm

For kids all throughout the world, the excitement at Christmas time is centering around one thing and one thing alone, Santa Clause is coming to town from the North Pole with his sleigh drawn by reindeers and depositing toys and some other goodies in the kids’ stocking. For hundreds of years, children will sleep at night on Christmas Eve, as they hang the stocking near their home’s fireplace or at the window or edge of their beds. These little hearts thud in the delicious anticipation, what would Santa get for them this year?

The mythical Santa Clause was inspired by the Greek Bishop Nicholas from Myra who has lived during the fourth century AD and has been popular for his generosity and his love for children. Several years later, he was canonized and since then, has been known as St. Nicholas, children’s patron saint. Another story has revolved on a poor man and his three daughters, who are unmarried. As they have no money for arranging suitable husbands for them, the poor father has been in the state of great despair. Seeing the anguish of the father, Saint Nicholas has disguised himself and goes to their home at night. There, he fills the three stockings quietly, which were hung near the fireplace as they are drying it, with gold coins each. The next morning, they are rejoicing in the impoverished family and then the legend of St. Nicholas started to grow being the saint who left gifts behind tucked inside your stockings at night of Christmas.

Where do Santa Claus reside? Every year, the Canadian postal service is always inundated with thousands of letters, which were addressed to Santa Claus, North Pole. According to the famous belief, the North Poles is where Santa has his residence and workshop. He stays in the place with Mrs. Claus, his magical elves and 8 to 9 flying reindeer. The elves are working in his workshop, making toys for all the girls and boys who behaved well on that year. He is overseeing his golden elves’ work at this northern icy cold tip of the earth, busily moving to prepare each child’s reward in time of the annual delivery on Christmas.

On Christmas, while the world sleeps, Santa Claus is getting ready about descending from the North Poles. His elves are helping him to load all of the presents and gifts for the lucky children who are good that year in his magical sleigh drawn by reindeer. The reindeers of Santa Claus will then be carrying him swiftly all throughout the night filled with snow as he goes on fulfilling the children’s desire silently across the globe. Santa Claus’s entry to every home is unorthodox. The white bearded and rotund figure prefers a sooty and dusty descent down the chimney from which the stockings were hung in his anticipation. In many homes, the children are leaving delicious meal for Santa Claus before they go to sleep on the Christmas Eve. Santa used to toss coins on the windows but decided using the chimney one night when all the windows were locked.

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